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Elite 35.5 Gold Link Strap 1

Elite 35.5 Gold Link Strap


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This strap is exchangeable with any Elite 35.5 Renard Watch. Exchanging our straps is very easy with our quick-release mechanism. No extra tools needed, just pull the pin back to detach the strap. 

Compatibility  Elite 35.5 
Color Gold
Width  18 mm 
Mechanism  Quick Release
Material Stainless Steel


How to select the right size

Use a tape measurer to measure your wrist size and select the corresponding bracelet size. In case your wrist size is not mentioned here, choose the next larger size that comes closest to your size.



Wrist size Size bracelet Size double bracelet
17 - 18 cm 18,5 cm 37,5 cm
18 - 19 cm 20 cm 40 cm