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Grande Chrono Manual

GRANDE chronograph function
The chronograph allows timekeeping up to 60 minutes and 60 seconds and can sum up different time measurements when using the start/stop pusher without intermediate reset. The chronograph minutes are indicated on the small minute counter at the 9 o’clock position and the chronograph seconds by the center second hand.

Press the pusher at 2 o’clock to start and stop time measuring. Press the pusher at 4 o’clock to reset the chronograph.

Aligning of chronograph second hand: It can happen that the chronograph seconds hand doesn’t always return to the zero position (12 o’clock) after reset. In order to align it pull the crown out to the setting position (see “Setting the Time”) then move the second hand to the zero position by pushing the pusher at 2 o’clock. After alignment push the crown back to the original position.

Tachymeter: The tachymeter traditionally used on chronographs is simply a means of converting elapsed time (in seconds per unit) to speed (in units per hour). The scale shown on the tachymeter is independent of the unit of distance or measurement, hence can be used to calculate speed per hour, consumption per hour, capacity per hour etc. indicated in miles, nautical miles, kilometers, liters, simply any kind of units per hour. The time taken however must be equal to or less than 60 sec.

Example A: Find the average speed of a moving car between point A & B with a distance 1000 m ( 1 km ). If the car spends 45 seconds to finish this 1000 m, the chronograph second hand will point at 45 seconds or “80” indicated on the tachymeter scale. This means the car can finish 80 x 1000 m in 1 hour equals to an average speed of 80 km/hour. If the testing distance is shortened to 400 m but the time remains the same, the answer will be 80 x 400 m equals to an average speed per hour of 32000m or 32 km/hour.

Example B: Find the total number of paper boxes can be folded in one hour. If a machine can fold 1 paper box in 20 seconds, the chronograph second hand will point at 20 seconds or 180 on the tachymeter scale. This means 180 paper boxes can be folded in one hour.