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"Mixing tradition and modernity"

RENARD is an Amsterdam based brand that was founded by two long-term friends and business partners. Our mission is to create timeless and alluring watches at affordable prices that become symbols of effortless style.

the renard fox
the renard fox

Brand Essence

RENARD distinguishes itself by fusing tradition and modernity to create alluring watches with timeless design. Great watch designs from the past have influenced the design language of RENARD. Focusing on details and elements that stand the test of time. RENARD uses these influences and fuses them with modern philosophy and design, as well as current trends, latest insights and relevant technology.

the renard fox
the renard fox
The Spirit of the Fox

Graceful, wild and alluring – the fox is an exceptional creature. Named after the French word for the graceful animal, RENARD takes on its fine qualities and varied symbolism, whether that's as a guide as the Celts believed, or a sign of longevity in Japan. Each timepiece created by us has an alluring design to make it a companion that will lead you through life with its timeless looks.


An eye for detail

Charles Eames once said "The details are not the details. They make the design." That is precisely why we spend a lot of time and effort to get it right. Our vertically brushed metal dials, subtly domed glass and unusual matte indices and hands are a few examples that will make a RENARD timepiece grow on you over time.

Watch Face
Watch Face


The slightly domed crystal, made of high quality German mineral glass, rests over a classic face made of vertically brushed steel. Our dials reflect light differently in every possible angle, making sure you'll never get bored.

Slim, to fit every wrist

We designed Renard to have a minimalist aesthetic that speaks to understated style. Our slim cases exude a clean look and rest elegantly upon the wrist.

Watch Face
High Grade Steel

High-grade IP Plated Steel

High quality IP plating is used on our fine stainless steel to make sure color doesn’t fade over time. We finish off by carefully polishing or brushing links, lugs, hands and indices.

The Timeless Triad

Three collections, each of them respecting the Renard design language.

The Elite 35.5 mm

The classic unisex ELITE 35.5 are sophisticated timepieces with a minimalist aesthetic that speak to understated style.

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Elite 25.5

The Elite 25.5 mm

The highly feminine ELITE 25.5 series contain 'classy cool' timepieces that take styling inspiration from the 60’s & 70’s.

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The Grande Chronograph

While using the design language that is typical to RENARD with its brushed dial, domed glass and unusual mat indices and hands, this chronograph collection adds another level of sophistication to the collection.

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Renard Grande Chrono
Day Date

Elite Day Date

A watch with a hint of the past featuring the classic Day-Date function.

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