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Renard x Hutspot – A Close Encounter


Hutspot and Renard are very excited to present their collaboration ‘A close encounter’ – an image clip shot at Hutspot van Woustraat, where we captured the classic and refined spirit of Renard’s watch collection and highlighted various elements of the Hutspot store. Martijn Pots and Bo Maerten, starring in this clip, create a beautiful dynamic even though they never meet. The only things connecting them are space and time. 

About Hutspot

This is not just a great and well curated store, it’s far more than that. It’s a platform for creative talent, a source of inspiration and a place to sit down and relax while enjoying a good coffee. We at RENARD are extremely happy with our partnership with Hutspot and proud to be stocked in their locations in Amsterdam and Utrecht. Definitely stop by when visiting these cities.

Saro Verhees
Saro Verhees


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